Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Available BRATs: Xena and Coca

Name: Xena
Dog state: New York
DOB: 12/2009
Gender: Female
Color: Black & white
Weight: 26

Xena is a lovely girl with a tightly curled tail. She is friendly, enjoys meeting people and can be handled all over. However, she does not like her tail to be uncurled or her nails clipped. After the initial sniffing-greetings when meeting dogs, Xena will play bow to break the ice and get the games going.

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Name: Coca
Dog state: Texas
DOB: 2007
Gender: Female
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 19

Coca is a beautiful, sweet, four year old girl. She is confident and shows that Basenji pride. She is not the best at walking on leash so further training will be needed. Although, when walking her, be prepared for people to come over and ask about her because she is a beautiful Basenji! She is petite—approximately 20 pounds—and has beautiful lines; she has that Basenji stance that people will notice.

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These lovely ladies and more up-and-coming Basenjis can be found on the main BRAT page. Check back often!

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