Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Available BRATs: Vanna in WI and puppies in NV

NAME: Vanna
DOG STATE: Wisconsin
DOB: 2001 ~ 2004?
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Black and white

Vanna is a shy, mild mannered female who enjoys playing with other friendly basenjis of either gender, once she gets to know them. She is good with dog-savvy cats and gets along well with respectful children. When introduced to an infant she licked the baby's toes. Her mothering instincts have likely been strengthened by her past life of raising puppies. One of Vanna's favorite activities is walking on leash around the neighborhood. When indoors she enjoys napping on the sofa.

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NAMES: King, Queen, Chip, Ace, Diamond & Blackjack
DOB: 6/30/2011
GENDER: Male and female
COLOR: Red & white, tricolor
WEIGHT: various

These little handfuls of joy were left at a Las Vegas vet's office overnight with a note saying the owner couldn't take care of them. The vet asked if BRAT could handle things, and as a result, here they are! They all have a voice, and can baroo! These puppies are full of personality.

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Many Basenjis are looking for their forever home on the main BRAT page. They need someone like YOU to look for THEM!

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