Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Available BRATs: Dewgan, Diamond, Nikita & Tut

NAME: Dewgan
DOG STATE: Arizona
DOB: 2/25/2005
COLOR: Red & white with tri-factor

Think all Basenji's hate water? Want to meet the exception? Here is Sir Dewgan, the water Basenji! According to the prior owner Dewgan loves to play in a pool, enjoys chasing water from a garden hose and has been known to dive for toys. He is also described as having a large quantity of vocalizations worthy of any self respecting Basenji, and will willingly share them with you if prompted. He has been known to softly lay his chin on your leg and look longingly at you as if asking for something to munch on.

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NAME: Diamond
DOG STATE: Florida
DOB: 12/16/2008
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red & white
WEIGHT: 28.8

Diamond is a true “gem” of a Basenji. This nearly three-year-old, tall, dark, and handsome boy is searching for his forever home. Diamond is very social and enjoys lots of playtime with the other Basenjis in his foster home. Diamond needs to have at least one other canine companion of compatible energy in his forever home.

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NAMES: Nikita & Tut
DOG STATE: Florida
DOB: 2005 and December 2002, respectively
GENDERS: Female / Male
COLORS: Red & White / Tricolor
WEIGHTS: 25 / 28

Nikita and Tut are a bonded pair that are now residing as members of a pack of five in a foster home in Florida. Ideally they would like to be placed together however they could be separated if their forever home has another dog in it. Like any self respecting Basenjis they are duty bound to inspect the contents of any open trashcan and to make snow of any available box of Kleenex.

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  1. Hurray! Looks like Nikita and Tut are pending adoption.