Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Guppy Paparazzi

What do The Beatles, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber and Fast Eddie MacMillan  all have in common? They’ve all been the subject of celebrity crushes.
Granted the last name on that list may not be familiar to you but it is a very popular name with Guppy. You see, he has a crush on another Basenji who belongs to some very dear friends of ours. Eddie (or Ed) as he is commonly known is a tri-colored Basenji that seems to take life a little more seriously than Guppy does.
When Ed is called by his parents it is done so in a rapid fire verbal attack (think YEDDIEYEDDIEYEDDIEYEDDIE). Ed, in typical Basenji style sometimes comes and sometimes ignores.  However, when Guppy is around and the Ed call is launched, Guppy starts to wiggle every inch of his body (almost like he’s having a seizure) and will launch a verbal attack of his own including his pig noises (he can oink with the best of them), he meows, he squeaks and the crescendo is when he baroos. He cannot contain himself, he gets so excited. This happens if you’re in the presence of Ed or not.
Ed is a serious kind of guy so much so that he has little tolerance for this type of behavior. He will growl and snarl and even shoot me dirty looks. But the conclusion is normally some part of Guppy’s body ending up between Ed’s teeth. Sadly, this ends the Guppy and Ed show and Ed can go back to minding his business without the Guppy paparazzi distraction.

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