Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Available BRATs: Kinja, Ojii, and Jessy

NAME: Kinja
DOB: 12/09/1998
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Kinja is a sweet, inquisitive 12-year-old female basenji looking for a new forever home. She is quite friendly, calm, and yet youthful for her adult age. She would love to have a family that could spend time with her, and let her be a couch potato with them. Kinja likes to window watch and go for walks. As a typical basenji, Kinja is very curious and likes to check out bags/purses. She can be trusted in the home alone and is also making great progress with crate training.

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NAME: Ojii
DOG STATE: Pennsylvania
DOB: May 2010
COLOR: Trindle (Tricolor with brindle)

Ojii is a high-energy young trindle boy, with a lot of curiosity and personality. In his down time, he is a cuddler. And he even gives hugs! Watching Ojii is quite comical; he is goofy and sometimes clumsy. He enjoys playing with his humans and other basenjis in the home. As with any young dog, he puts everything in his mouth and will need to be watched through this phase. Ojii's preferred family would include humans that like to have their basenji in every part of their life, because he will be following them around everywhere. A family that is home enough to limit his crate time and provide long walks would be ideal.

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NAME: Jessy
DOB: 12/15/2001
GENDER: male
COLOR: Red and white

Jessy is a good old boy. You would never know he is 10 years old; he is lean, fit and very energetic. He does well with other dogs, and even knows how to respect cats. He will run and play with children, but it is always best to make sure the kids are dog-savvy when it comes to being around Basenjis. Jessy is housetrained and fully knows that outside is where he is to do his business. He is not destructive, although once he did take a liking to a pair of sandals ... there was just something that intrigued him with those sandals. He enjoys the comfort of a chair or couch to relax in when permitted. He also has no fear of heights and at times may climb higher to see what is on the table.

Click HERE if you'd like to take Jessy to some great new heights!

These and many other beautiful Basenjis in need are available on the main BRAT page. Please take a look!

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