Friday, September 2, 2011

The (Mis)Adventures of Guppy First in an ongoing series

Guppy came to us as a foster who was quickly going to be outnumbered at his current foster home due to an influx of dogs that came to be known as the Wimauma Pack.

Guppy has dwarfism and though small in stature-his personality looms (very) large. The first time we met, he was being carried under the arm of his foster mom, sort of like a football-I approached-giddy with excitement to meet someone so cute - I made some cooing noises and he snapped at me much like a snapping turtle, almost to tell me to cut out the baby talk. That action alone set the tone for his personality.

We took him home and he soon became part of our pack. He made fast friends with the resident Basenji mix, Norah and made sure to antagonize Kitty Love as well. Everywhere we went we took Guppy, soon potential adopters were stacking up. We were excited for him to move to a forever home and live a long happy life. Sadly though, the potential adopters dropped off and after the second potential adopter decided to pass (she now has said she regrets that decision) he became a permanent member of our pack and has been creating crazy storylines ever since.

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