Saturday, September 17, 2011

Basenji Magic

What makes your basenji magic?
To borrow a lyric phrase from The Producers, is it that fabulous face?

Is it that little curly tail that wiggles in excitement or those dainty white feet that smell like popcorn? What about the wonderful pointy ears and the way they swivel like satellite dishes?

Or is it that soft, sleek coat that has no doggy smell? The enchanting eyes that are impossible to resist? The expressive wrinkles that make them look worried and in need of attention? The lovely elegant gait or the freckled tummy that’s so fun to kiss?
Can it be the yodel when they’re hungry? Is it the impishness or the sweet snuggliness? Is it that they are wonderful to sleep with, or how determinedly they plot to get what they want? The unwavering concentration when they stalk squirrels or bunnies? The sigh of contentment when they settle on your lap? Their joy in simple things like Charlee Bears or other treats? How happily they greet you when you come home?

Or is it more than the sum of all this? More than all these parts of the equation, no matter how lovely they might be?
What makes us fall, tumble happily, into complete devotion to our magical little creatures?

To paraphrase Cole Porter,
Is it just the look of them, the sweet of them,
the pure of them,
the east, west, north and the south of them?
Was it love at first sight, first snuggle, first donut tail wiggle? There are so many factors about basenjis that enchant and delight. Is it any wonder we love them so.


  1. I love this! And I always have a hard time answering the particular question...Why Basenjis?

  2. OMG! I thought I was the only one who thought that basenjis have a faint odor of popcorn or stale cornflakes! LOL!