Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Easy + Free Way to Raise Money for BRAT

I thought I would share an easy and free way to raise money + local awareness for BRAT:
Put a donation jar in a local pet shop!

While I doubt this is allowed at the big box pet stores, I know that almost all of the local pet shops up here in VT allow and encourage animal rescues to leave cards, brochures, and donation jars with them. They typically put the donation jars on the counter next to the cash register and keep the brochures behind the counter (or if you are clever I bet you could make a pocket on the back of the donation jar for brochures!).
Making a donation jar is super easy!!!

- Glass or plastic jar with lid
- Clear packaging tape
- Super cute photo of basenjis looking really pathetic that includes the BRAT logo
- x-acto knife or chisel and hammer to make a hole in the lid.

1. If you have a plastic lid, cut a slit in it that is about 1.5" long by 1/4" wide. It should be large enough for a dollar coin or folded dollar to easily fit through. It should NOT be large enough for any fingers to fit through. If the lid is metal you will need to use a chisel and hammer to bang out a slit.

2. Soften any sharp edges by sanding, bending back any metal points, or covering them with tape.

3. Tape the lid to the jar. This will prevent stealing and keep the change in the jar in the event it is tipped over.

4. Tape an image on the jar that includes the following info ( I have included one for you to use):
- a super cute and slightly pathetic picture of basenjis
- BRAT logo
- BRAT website
- Brief synopsis of what BRAT does with the money.

5. Find a local pet shop or business to leave the jar at.

6. Check it every month or so. Do this in person and each time make sure you thank the people who work there. If you have any foster dogs bring one along. It is amazing how spare change can add up and how this generates interest!

p.s. I will often add a dollar to the donation jar before I leave it to encourage other people to leave a dollar and not just pennies. :)

*** If you would like me to send you a .doc or .pdf version of the donation jar label please contact me thru BRAT. I am a state screener and volunteer so they should know how to find me. ***

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