Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Available BRATs: Abbie, Joker, Benny, Baxter & Raleigh, Titan

NAME: Abbie
DOG STATE: Delaware
DOB: 2006
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Tricolor
WEIGHT: 18.5

Abbie is an active, 5 year old, tricolor basenji girl. Abbie loves to go for walks with her people, and loves to be with her people wherever they go in the house. She is an independent girl who only chooses to snuggle with those she likes. Abbie is a typical, playful basenji and loves to de-stuff and play with her toys. Abbie plays well by herself, but is always ready to let you pet her on the head when you come in the room.

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NAME: Joker
DOG STATE: Kentucky
DOB: 4/23/2004
COLOR: Red and white

Joker is the perfect name for this beautiful 7-year-old Basenji boy. He likes nothing more than to play and tease unless it is cuddling on a human lap in the evening. He loves to run and occasionally he can't stand to be still any longer and just has to do a few laps, leaps and bounds through the house. Joker loves all people and dogs. He even sniffed the cat at the vet's office and when he got no response, he walked away. Joker does like to mouth in play and will sometimes give a quick pinch if he does not get the wanted attention. There is nothing vicious in his actions, and the staff where Joker was vetted commented that he has one of the best personalities ever seen there in a Basenji.

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NAME: Benny
DOB: 12/23/2000
COLOR: Red and white

Benny is a young-at-heart, 10 year old basenji. He has beautiful and unique markings, including a spot on the top of his forehead. A typical basenji, he pulls when walked on a leash but only because he’s so curious and wants to sniff out everything in sight. While he has the usual aversion to getting wet, Benny is a good boy at bath time and loves to explore down at the local beach. Benny loves to sit next to someone during conversations and thinks he may be part of it. He has been raised with children and cats and is very friendly towards both. Benny loves to snack on cheese sticks and anything salty as a treat if given (like chips). He considers cheese sticks to be a dog treat as he’s given them once a day for good behavior.

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NAMES: Baxter and Raleigh
DOG STATE: Maryland
DOB: 1/23/2011
COLOR: Trindle and blue
WEIGHT: 15 / 13

Baxter and Raleigh are two cute, cuddly, inquisitive, mischievous, playful, social, and pure Basenji puppy brothers. These boys are in the process of being housetrained and because the foster home has a dog door, this is moving along quickly. They are also in the process of being trained not to be house destructive and they are doing pretty good in this area. BUT, they live in a Basenji proofed house and the things that could be of interest to them (couch pillows, soft blankets, etc.), are put up and out of their reach. The home these boys are looking for is one that will have a lot of patience, a sense of humor, and love to get them through their puppy time. They will also need time to develop into the sweet boys they are meant to be.

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NAME: Titan
DOG STATE: Massachusetts
DOB: 12/1/2007
COLOR: Black and white

Titan is a sweet, handsome boy looking for his forever home. He is quite the well-behaved fellow, and will walk nicely on leash, only pulling if he sees a roaming kitty, or of course, a squirrel! Titan enjoys all kinds of attention from his foster family, and can be handled all over; and even sits nicely for his nails to be trimmed, or to be brushed. He will rest his head on your knee, and gaze up soulfully at you, waiting for a pat, or an ear scratch. He gives one happy bark when his foster family returns home after being out, and will gently put his paws up on you and wag his tail to say hello.

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Our list of available Basenjis is constantly being updated. Please check us out at the main BRAT page!

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