Monday, March 7, 2011

New Available BRATs: Zippy, Dutch, and Tut

NAME: Zappa (aka Zippy)
DOB: January 2010
COLOR: Red and white

Zippy in Oregon is a lively and energetic red & white basenji boy. Zippy is all about having fun and exploring. He is so very curious and oh yes - loves to play!
He loves to wrestle, play bow, fetch, chase, and "zip" around, hence why he is called "Zippy". He is just a bundle of fun and youthful energy. He enjoys both male and female dogs. He will chase cats as well. He is good with respectful children. He will need a family that understands how much energy a young basenji boy can have and help him burn it off, so to speak.

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DOG STATE: California
DOB: 2007?
COLOR: Red and white

Tut is a young red & white male of about 4-years. He came into BRAT after being found wandering the foothills of Central California by a rancher. He is a very playful teenage dog who enjoys playing with all breeds of dogs. He runs, jumps, boxes and does the B-500. He loves to play tug-of-war with foster sister Abbie or fetch a ball when his foster dad tosses it. He is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle with anyone or find a place on the sofa or bed to curl up and take a nap.

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NAME: Dutch
DOB: 12/21/2002
COLOR: Red and white

Dutch is a really cool basenji; he's typical in some ways and in many ways he's not. His looks are rather unique, too, not having much white other than his chest, toes and the tip of his tail. He is a confident boy, accepting of strangers. However in a new home environment, he is not quick to cuddle. He takes the time to get to know and trust you. While Dutch is very interested if you have food, he doesn't try to steal it. He may inch his way closer and give you "puppy dog eyes" and if that doesn't work, he will lie down and wait patiently. He's good meeting new people, good at the vet and riding in the car; knows sit, lay down and shake/paw.

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Are these B's too far away from where you live?

Check out the list of available dogs on the main BRAT page to find a Basenji in need near you!

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