Monday, March 28, 2011

New Available BRATs: Jiji, Buddy, Cairo, Scout, and the A & A Team in Canada

NAME: Jiji
DOB: 1/3/2006
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red & white
WEIGHT: 28.8

Jiji (pronounced "gee gee", nicknamed Ji) is a sweet girl, a cuddler, playful but not over the top, likes both people and other like-minded dogs.

Ji's favorite activities including playing with a small tennis ball (she really good at the retrieving part not so good at the “drop”); she has a special teddy bear that she will dig out of the toy box and she loves bones. She hates to go outside in the rain (doesn’t like getting her feet wet) but the cold doesn’t seem to bother her. Most of all Ji needs a forever family to love and take care of her and in return you will get unconditional love.

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NAME: Buddy

DOB: 10/2002
COLOR: Tricolor

Buddy is a happy and healthy boy whose personality shines through when he finds himself in the right, comfortable environment. He is all Basenji, which is a good thing, of course. Usually what he wants is to go outside to the backyard so he can chase squirrels. Buddy loves to play and is learning to ease up with the "easy" command when he sometimes plays rough. He is a good-natured boy who knows how to take it in stride when other dogs try to provoke him with dominant behavior or snark. He's also quite the snuggler, and likes sleeping in bed, but will also curl up on the couch or his dog bed, depending on what he prefers at the time.

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NAME: Cairo
DOG STATE: Pennsylvania
DOB: 01/29/1998
COLOR: Red and white

Cairo is a lovable, snuggly boy of 13-years. He’s lived a long life but has still got lots of living left to do, and he’d love to do it snuggled up on the couch next to you! Cairo was well loved and very well cared for by his former family, and is a well-behaved basenji boy. He’s tall, slender, and rather petite in build, and at 23 pounds he’s still healthy and fit. He’s your typical “grouchy old man” and he rules the roost when it comes to the other dogs, but when it comes to the humans he’s all love and affection. He seems to like men best, and happily baroos whenever his foster daddy is around. He also is a great tail-wagger, and he gets his little curl spinning furiously when he’s happy to see you!

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NAME: Scout
DOG STATE: North Carolina
DOB: 1997
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red and white

Scout is one of the swe
etest basenji girls you will ever meet. Her foster parents have had her on a great diet and exercise program that has made her feel young again. She is 13 years old, and very active -- remember that basenjis are a long-living breed! She came from a sad situation: her owners dumped her at a high kill shelter, but some nice lady recognized her as a basenji and called BRAT. A nice couple risked a big blizzard to pick her up on a Sunday, since she was scheduled to be put down on a Monday. Though Scout is now safe with her foster, she's still looking for her perfect forever home, preferably one with another dog younger than her. The diet and exercise program has been doing wonders for her, so her new family should be able to keep her on this schedule. It would also be best if her new family lets her sleep under the covers, since she has come to learn that touching her humans all snuggled deep under the covers is the only way to sleep well.

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And finally, we introduce The A & A Team…

NAMES: Angel & Abraham
LOCATION: Canada (Ontario)
DOB: 12/22/2005 (siblings)
GENDERS: Female & male
COLOR: Black and white
WEIGHT: 24 (F) & 28 (M)

Having just turned five years old, they’ve mostly outgrown their incredibly wild Basenji adolescence, and “Let's trash the house & swing from the light fixtures!” is no longer their favorite game. They’ve also got that troublesome housebreaking thing nailed down, and due to the breed’s longevity they have many, many healthy years ahead of them. Angel and Abraham are once-in-a-lifetime Basenjis: they have everything going for them except for a forever home as terrific as they are.

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