Monday, March 21, 2011

New Available BRATs: from DC to California

NAMES: Max & Nepos
DOG STATE: California
DOB: 12/15/2004
COLOR: Black & White (M), Red & White (N)
WEIGHT: 27.9 (M), 22.9 (N)

Maximus and Nepos are very handsome bonded brothers looking for a forever home where they can be together and share their love for each other with a Human Pack. These two guys are both sweet and easygoing. They love to just cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy a quiet evening. They enjoy walks in the park.

These two will only be placed together. Which is great, because its so hard for us humans to only welcome one basenji into our lives. Max and Nepos will start you out with a set of loving and easygoing basenjis.

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NAME: Sugar
DOB: 01/07/2002
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red & white

Sugar is very appropriately named. She loves to give "sugar" or kisses. She loves kids! She gets along great with most anyone or any dog. She is not timid. Sugar is 9 years old but you would never know it. She is lean, very fit and healthy. She likes to play although she is not a dog that is all over you. Sugar is happy to sit next to you on the couch and enjoys being petted or have her belly rubbed.

The ideal home for Sugar is a “Family” setting.

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NAME: Isha
DOG STATE: DC, District of Columbia
DOB: 01/02/2007
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Tricolor

Isha is without question the most gentle and sweet Basenji her foster dad has ever met. Originally from the feral Wimauma, FL pack, Isha has undergone an amazing change to become a playful and social girl. People are just drawn to Isha. Whether it's her soulful eyes, or shy, gentle temperament or just the joy of her romping play, people tend to fall instantly in love with her. She has a charm that is hard to resist. Hyper-sensitive to body language and vocal tones, Isha never requires any correction stronger than a calm, firm, "No" or a direct gaze. In fact, she will generally take personally any correction for other members of the pack. Her foster dad has found himself scolding a naughty pack member and then turning to her to say "You're OK Isha. You're a good girl" and offer an affectionate stroke for reassurance.

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NAME: Pongo

DOG STATE: DC, District of Columbia
DOB: 11/09/2008
COLOR: Brindle

A strikingly handsome dark brindle boy, 2-year-old Pongo is still very much bursting with puppy energy. He is one of the sweetest and most social Basenjis you'll meet. He is excited to greet any new dog, especially loving to wrestle and rough-house with larger breeds and playing chase with other Basenjis. When it's time to settle down, Pongo wants to snuggle right up against your side or in your lap, preferring to be the center of your attention, though he has no problem sharing your attention if he must. Pongo bonds strongly to his person, preferring to always be in your company, including being able to burrow under the covers to snuggle with you at bedtime.

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Basenjis in need come from a variety of backgrounds and each has a lot to offer. Please check out the listings of current available dogs on the main BRAT website to find one that matches you!

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