Monday, March 14, 2011

New Available BRATs: CB, Zen, and Lady

NAME: CB (Charlie Bravo)
DOB: 5/22/2006
COLOR: Tri-color

Charlie Bravo, or CB is almost five years old, but he still has a lot of puppy left in him. He has tons of energy and loves to run with the pack. He loves to wrestle, too! If playmates are not available, he will just entertain himself with toys. He also loves to cuddle and will easily fall asleep with a human. He is a good boy, and is learning new tricks every day.
So far he has learned to sit on command, down, come, and even stay sitting while getting his leash put on. He will even dance a little if you have a treat.

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DOG STATE: Illinois
DOB: 02/14/2010
COLOR: Red and White

Zen is a young, handsome, wrinkly boy. He's a bundle of sunshine and energy; exercise is his middle name. He is a sponge for learning and should be taken to obedience classes. He does play fetch, and he even brings toys right back to you. He is crate trained, but doesn't like to be left alone in one. Most of the time, he's a good boy. He's cute, cuddly, playful, and lots of fun.

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NAME: Lady
DOG STATE: Indiana
DOB: 12/20/2002
GENDER: Female
COLOR: Red & white
WEIGHT: 24.4

Lady is a sweet and wonderful 8-year-old red & white female basenji. She enjoys snuggling in your lap and lots of walks! In fact, Lady is an "avid" walker! Other than snuggling, there isn't much more she loves than a long walk.

This pretty gal is sociable with other basenjis. She loves to play and enjoys being the nosy basenji in the group. She is not destructive and is house trained. Lady is also crate trained. But she prefers to sleep in bed with her people. She also enjoys snuggling on the sofa at the end of a long day.

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Not sure if any of these are a good fit for you? There are many more listed on the main BRAT website. Perhaps the right basenji for your home is waiting now!

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