Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't Mess with Our Bed

I’m in the process of moving my home office to a larger spare bedroom. It’s been an interesting process as I put together my new office furniture and slowly shift the stuff presently occupying that room to another across the hall. Ivan has been an invaluable helper along the way. Dasa occasionally sniffed the inventory of desk parts and endless hardware, then wandered off to nap somewhere comfy. Ivan, on the other hand, knows his input is essential for success, so he faithfully squeezed into corners, got stuck behind boxes, and then huffed in exasperation when I rescued him. I had to keep my multi-page book of instructions out of his reach, lest he decide to eat them. Even with constant reference to these rather oblique directives, it was difficult for me to attach part AA to part DD without getting one of them upside down.

This process was a mere diversion until we moved the Munchkins’ futon bed from the old office to the new one. (There has to be a bed in my office so the munchkins can nap in comfort while I work.) Dismantling their bed was alarming for Ivan and Dasa. Dasa stretched her neck to peer around the corner at the noise, and then fled downstairs. Ivan was ever helpful, staying nearly under our feet as we moved the futon mattress into the hall. Eric took the futon frame apart to move it, and Ivan was noticeably bothered by the futon mattress blocking the hall to our bedroom. Now there were no beds available. Unthinkable.

Ivan was a busy little guy, scratching energetically at the futon mattress propped in the hall, climbing on it in an attempt to get to the bedroom because now that he couldn’t get there, it was essential that he did. He also had to check on our progress as we moved the bed frame from one room to the other. Eric put it back together while I tried to reassure Ivan that this really was not a catastrophe.

Both munchkins had to examine their bed in the new room, even before I restocked it with blankets and comfy pillows. Neither of them is too sure this is a good idea. I’ll let you know if the new office meets their approval after we complete the move.

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