Saturday, February 19, 2011

What a difference 40 degrees makes

What a difference 40F degrees makes. The world is an all-around better place because the snow and ice are gone and the sun is shining. Just about a week ago, we had ice everywhere. Then the 50F (10C) degree weather came along and melted all the snow. Ivan and Dasa are happy. They can go outside without coats and booties. Their mom and dad are happy because we aren’t exhausted from suiting up as though we were at a staging area getting ready for battle. And it was a battle of sorts, as we wriggled the munchkins in and out of winter clothing, and set forth into the gloom. Dasa is especially sensitive to the cold, and if we ventured too far, her tail drooped into whippet position, and I carried my stoic little girl home.

For weeks we’ve been glumly comparing the usual average temperatures for this time of year with the cold unpleasantness we’ve been enduring. So, happy dance, we are back up to normal, and how wonderful normal is. It’s delightful to stroll out the door wearing regular shoes and only one pair of socks instead of boots and pairs of heavy socks. Our brave little munchkins don’t have to wear sweaters to enjoy their backyard. Everyone’s step is lighter. We can take longer walks, which makes Ivan and Dasa happy, and also helps with their cabin fever.
Their back yard is once again fun to explore since the nasty white stuff disappeared, and walks are not only longer, but much less frustrating as they no longer have to trot bravely along, searching vainly for grass among the snow drifts along the street.

Due to all the practice I’ve had, I’ve found more efficient ways to shovel snow. This is quite depressing. I realize it’s still February, but the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, and we are ever hopeful winter will slip into a deep sleep, possibly for years. The munchkins are ready for spring.

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