Monday, February 21, 2011

The Month of Love

February is the month to celebrate Valentine's Day. And even though the day has passed, I'm still feeling the love and want to share some of the love we've felt in our home with our dogs and dogs we've fostered or who have passed through in one way or another.
Jazzie & Dixie

Relaxing with my two B-girls

Dixie & Jazzie

Jazzie & Dixie

Sebastian is reunited with the family who loves him

Nina & Dixie

Lincoln & Reagan

Venus & Dixie

Bridgette & Jazzie

Jazzie & Dixie

My 3 B's; Dixie, Jazzie & Benny

Jazzie, Dixie & Titan

Jazzie & Dixie

Dixie & Pixie

Shelby & Misty, Bridgette & Dixie

Tabby & Floyd

Bridgette & baby Dixie

Bandit & Bailey

Jazzie, Dixie & Khufu

Jazzie & Buster

Coleman, loved in his new home

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  1. Thanks for sharing these cute pics! My 2 B Boys would probably freeze to death rather than curl up on top of each other! Sigh....