Friday, January 7, 2011

Ivan’s Ode to the Heater Vent

Oh heater vent, oh heater vent, how I love my heater vent.
When winter’s dark and drear, you’ll often find me here.
Many happy hours I’ve spent, right beside my heater vent.

How I love the magic sound of the furnace turning ‘round.
There’s snow outside the door, yet I’m warm here on the floor.
Thanks to my heater vent, my lovely heater vent.

Where has it been? Hooray, it’s on again, my heater vent.
Summer please get here soon, I can’t wait for June.
But until then, I’ve found a friend, oh how I love my heater vent.


  1. Luv it. My bs do the same thing w the vent in the kitchen

  2. Cute poem, who decides on kids print vs. racy animal print for Ivan's blanket?