Friday, January 14, 2011

Its been a 21 months since we adopted our kids Kenya and Phoenix and its been interesting to see how they have changed as they have settled into their forever home. Kenya was a charmer from day one and other than some issues (not wanting her ears touched, not allowing you to pick her up and waking up badly) she is a very easy and mellow basenji. She has gotten better with some of her quirks and has become more adorable with her ability to charm the pants off anyone who enters the house. She can melt the hardest of hearts when she wants something. She will sit next to you and reach out her paw to touch you staring at you with those big brown eyes.

Phoenix was very leary of people in the beginning and become a mama's boy. If anyone entered the house he would hover near me, attaching himself to my leg. He would never go up to meet anyone and would shy away from them when they approached to pet him. As time went on he became the biggest mush and love muffin. Always the first to great visitors to get his pets from anyone who will shower him with them. With both of our kids i have often mentioned in my blog that someone stole the basenji from my basenjis as neither of them were thiefs. We could leave a bowl of food on a table next to the couch and they wouldn't even try to go after it. Well that was then...things have changed quite a bit especially with Phoenix. It is like someone turned on the its time to get curious and into trouble switch. As of late, he is counter surfing and has become the biggest thief. His latest accomplishment was when we were on vacation. We have a dog sitter who stays with them. We don't crate or gate the kids because they are so good. We just try to make sure that there is nothing they can get in trouble with. We have an anitque doll with long blond hair for decoration that sits on a piano bench in our living. Neither Phoenix or Kenya has ever shown any interest in it so we have never been concerned about leaving it out when we are not in the house. Well.........We got a email from the dog sitter letting us know that when she came back from running some errands she found the doll on the floor with most of the hair pulled out. She assumed and i'm sure she was correct that Phoenix was the one who performed the haircut. Doesn't look like he passed his final exam at vidal sasson!

He must have felt guilty (he always knows when he did something bad) because the next day, my boy who always shyed away from people took a flying leap into the dog sitters lap and remained cuddled on it all night long!

I'm glad they feel at home!

(phoenix with his "who me" face)

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  1. Great post. The personalities sound like my two misfits esp kenya