Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Howl-iday Fun!

First of all, please don't chastise me for that terrible pun of a title. I was at a loss for words. Kipper doesn't even howl anyways.

Second of all, I hope you all had a great howl-- um, holiday! I also hope that both you and your basenji(s) got some fabulous treats this year.

Our basenji Kipper was born on Christmas. Usually, that would mean that he would get 2x as many gifts on that day, but we actually celebrate Winter Solstice instead of Christmas. Don't worry though, he still got a ton of presents and I have pictures to prove it!

Now, Kip is very big on presents. He loves the wrapping paper, the tissue paper, the bag.. and oh! the present itself, too. I know he gets very jealous when a member of our family has a birthday; he wants to know where his present is. That's why his birthday is probably his most favourite day of the year, because he gets loads of presents, and the whole day is about him (what basenji doesn't love that? tissue paper + attention = happiest basenji EVER).
This year, we took Kipper to my aunt's house on his birthday. He wasn't really too excited about that, because almost every room in my aunt's house has wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is Kip's worst nightmare. He cannot get comfortable (it's too cold and hard!) and don't even think about doing the B-500 on that. He's also not too fond of my aunt's house because it is ranch-style, so he's in a constant state of confusion as to the location of the non-existent stairs.

But, on the plus side, Kipper received both treats and a toy from my aunt and uncle, which I think he liked.

Here is the proof that Kipper is extremely spoiled.

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