Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Arrow!

This week, my basenji boy, Arrow, turned 12 years of age!

I thought that I would share some photos of this good boy.

Arrow's registered name is Stilwell's Wild is the Wind. He was bred by Linda and Richard Stilwell of Duncan, Oklahoma. The photo above is with his mother, Tirzah.

He was a show dog for a few years. He was also a lure coursing dog. He loves chasing the lure but he was a bit too possessive of it.

For a twelve year old, he can still give young Tigger a run for her money. At least once a day, the two of them take off on the Basenji 500 in the back yard. And Arrow is always able to catch her.

My vet says that Arrow is in excellent condition for a boy of his age. I hope he enjoys many more birthdays! Thank you to Linda and Richard for trusting him to me.

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