Monday, November 29, 2010

Success Story: BeeJee (Tykhe)

I just want to thank you - We have adopted a basenji mix from your rescue emails a couple of weeks ago. I think she was named Bee Jee on your site, she is now Tykhe (tie key) the Greek goddess of luck. She is 18 months old and at our request was brought up to San Francisco, CA from Bakersfield, CA, sight unseen by these amazing transport volunteers, after several phone calls about how wonderful she was at the shelter. I took her for a walk immediately after her 8 hour drive and within 10 mins she was perfect and heeling on the leash. Brought her into the house and she was amazing with our 3 kids, especially our littlest at 4 years old. My husband fell in love immediately.

She almost never barks and has only yodeled 3 times. She's great with other dogs on walks, has a bit of the hunter in her for squirrels, but is easily brought back to the walk / run mindset with a gentle tug.  She was a stray found on the street and has some broken teeth; our vet says this was probably from trying to chew her way out of somewhere.  She has had at least 2 litters. She is amazingly calm, gently takes treats with her mouth, is perfectly potty trained, doesn't shed or even smell much. Keep in mind she's a mix - probably has some boxer or pit in her?  But everyone who knows dogs sees the basenji in her first, even though she's 35 lbs - that telltale curly tail, red color, ridge back, and of course so silent.

I can't thank you enough for your web site; we never would have found her without you and your volunteers posting rescues. And she would have been  put down at the shelter - I can't even think of it. We're still working on the dog/cat love relationship, but they seem to be working it out a little more every day.

Anyway - just love your site and we're sending an Xmas donation from Tykhe. 
Best wishes,

Lisa Craig Gautier

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