Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ellie, Part 1

We adopted Ellie in April 2010. She was rescued from an animal shelter in January and it was obvious she had been badly mistreated.  Thanks to the loving care of her foster father, Nick Russell, she was given medical attention and lots of love. She made progress, but her fear of people was remarkable.

Ellie came home to me, my husband, Guy, our Basenji, WIlder, and my daughter's large and lovable mixed breed, Miles. She found refuge in her crate and never came out if any human was in the vicinity.  She took immediately to Miles and WIlder, however, and they were a great comfort to her.

Eventually I could bribe her with a bit of chicken to come for a bite, but she immediately tucked her tail and scurried away.

The next big step was walking on a leash. It was a love/hate relationship, because she obviously liked part of it (the quiet part) but was terrified of sounds, from the recycling truck to me dropping my jacket.

Now, seven months later, she runs to the door for her leash at walk time. She comes in the morning and jumps on the bed for love and scratches on the ears.  Unfortunately, the rest of the day she still runs and hides if either my husband or I come into the room.

Some days she is afraid to come get her food and others she runs right into her crate for a meal.

I don't know what someone did to that helpless little creature. I believe she has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I am surprised at how long a process healing is, but I am heartened by her progress, and feel sure that she is in good hands, with a loving family of the two- and four-legged varieties.....

To be continued...
-Denise Furnish

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  1. Maintain hope Denise. It took years for my old man Lance to become friendly. He did the same things your baby is doing. But now he greets people at the door, will sit next to people on the sofa and loves to cuddle with me. Be patient. It will happen.