Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vote for Kip's Halloween Costume!

Hello everyone!

My basenji Kipper doesn't really like to dress up for Halloween. He chews and fusses with his costumes when they are on. When they are off, he literally rips them apart as if they were his stuffed toys.

We actually managed to get a few good pictures of him in his three Halloween costumes, though. I know that he does not like any of them, and I think he looks cute in all of them, but I want to know your guys' opinions! Below are his three possible costume choices:

1. a hot dog.
2. a pumpkin.

3. a ninja thing.

Leave a comment saying which costume you like best! (:


  1. Poor Kip! Ok, well he has the least pathetic look on his face in #3, The Ninja thing.

  2. I honestly think that he looks best in the pumpkin but it is so common. The ninja thing is more original but will he walk with the belt around his waist? And the HOT DOG! Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

  3. I'll go with the ninja -- it's the costume that allows him the greatest amount of dignity! ;) Besides, the red tie does look sharp.

  4. I like the hot dog-it kinda blends in with the rest of his colors.