Saturday, October 2, 2010

Success Story: Layla

I adopted Layla in July, 2009, and my life has never been better. The first few months were a bit challenging since Layla and I were getting to know each other, but that is to be expected with any new member to a family. She has a very strong personality and can be a bit stubborn at times, but that just makes her more lovable. She cuddles with me and needs to be where ever I am. She has adapted very well to her new surroundings and I am pleased with all of the progress she has made in the past year. Layla was very fearful of everything and trusted no one. I am happy to say that she now actively plays with me, rolls onto her back for belly rubs and has a basket full of chew toys that have seen better days. Layla goes into her crate whenever she is asked, and gets along well with other dogs and children alike. I love her so much!
- Kristin LaPatchak

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  1. You have a heart of gold and a lot of patience. Layla is a lucky girl and such a cute one.