Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raising Mone + Awareness for the Little BRATs. :)

One day of dogs, dogs, dogs at the Shelburne Museum up here in Vermont!!! I had 2 AWESOME helpers, a table set up for BRAT, and my own Happy Fantastic Design booth in which I was donating 50% of my profits to BRAT. It was fun to meet all the people and dogs, but the best part was raising about $100. for Basenji Rescue!!! ♥

The worst part for Mr. Calvin Cuddles was when it started raining! Heaven forbid a basenji gets wet! The solution was to put him in his crate under the table and create a little dry cave for him. And he LOVED it! :)

BRAT Table

Mr. Calvin Cuddles representing the B's

Happy Fantastic Designs Booth

One of my happy customers!

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  1. Your last customer has the shirt that all my dogs and my son need. Thank You for fund raising for our great cause.