Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bark in the Park

My sister is on the board at a neighboring county’s no-kill shelter, and we periodically check to make sure they still have our contact info so they know who to call, should they ever come across a basenji in need of a home.

The shelter recently hosted a “Bark in the Park” adoption day with vendors, a search and rescue demonstration, contests for various canine skills and attributes, and a parade of available rescues and alumni of the shelter who now have happy homes. Eric and I left Ivan and Dasa at home with the baby-sitter, and chaperoned two dogs from the shelter who wore “Adopt Me” bandanas.

We co-sponsored this event as a way to draw attention to BRAT, and handed out BRAT business cards and info. We try to be advocates of rescue and adoption in general and BRAT specifically. We attempt to educate, persuade, and otherwise get people to see the light in terms of adopting rescue dogs, and spaying and neutering their pets.

This event also reminded us of how much we enjoy the very basenjiness of our magical little curly tails. I walked a Boston Terrier who was sweet and gave kisses. However, as we walked in the rescue parade around this park, which was nice but not all that large, the little Boston sounded like a steam engine, snorting and puffing. I asked if I should carry him because those are just not sounds I’m used to. The shelter volunteers assured me this is normal for Bostons. The parade proceeded at a not very brisk walk. Eric said if we had Ivan and Dasa along, we would’ve lapped everyone a couple of times. We had a nice time at Bark in the Park, but we were really glad to come home to our little barkless dogs.

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