Friday, September 10, 2010

Success Story - Phoenix & Kenya

Its been 17 months since mom and dad picked us up in Richmond VA and brought us to our forever home in New Hampshire. Like the T-Shirt says....Life is Good! Kenya and I have tried real hard not to make mom and dad mad. I know we've done a great job as i hear them tell each other daily how lucky they are to have 2 such well behaved kids! I guess their first (2) basenjis were master counter surfers, paper shredders, furniture defluffers and eyeglass destroyers. I don't think Mom and Dad minded, infact i think they thought it was funny. Since neither Kenya nor I like being yelled at and don't want to take any chances, we try our best to behave. We do slip up every now and then especially me. I love soft cushy comfortable things so when i figured out how to jump the gate to get to my favorite spot on the sofa mom wasn't happy. She didn't yell at me when i glee-fully greated her at the door. She just told me i was bad and ignored me. It made me sad that mom wasn't as happpy to see me as i was to see her but it didn't stop me from jumping the gate again the next day so i could enjoy my favorite spot again. After a few days of finding me in the living room just enjoying the comfort of the sofa and not being destructive Mom and Dad decided to take down the gate. Kenya was glad as she was to small to get over the gate and wasn't happy that i was free and she wasn't. Now she can enjoy the comfort of the sofa as well. Mom and Dad said as long as we aren't being destructive they had no problem giving us more freedom when they weren't home.

(me enjoying my favorite spot on the sofa)
Anyway, as i said, life is good. We have plenty of toys to keep us entertained,
go on great walks in the woods and get plenty of treats. Mom and Dad even took us on a special vacation to the Berkshires. We got to go on long hikes in the woods and mountains everyday for a whole week! Somedays our hikes were as long as 3 hours. Kenya loved it as she paces herself and doesn't get tired. I get really excited when i go out and pull like a sled dog. I learned to slow down after i exhausted myself. least till the next time.

(Kenya and I after a 3 hour hike)

Anyway, we are real excited because mom told us that she booked a vacation next year for the same place since we had such a good time. I don't know what booked or next year means but we can't wait till vacation!
Like I said.....Life is Good!!!!

Wishing all basenjis are happy basenjis! Love Phoenix and Kenya

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  1. They are both so sweet and apparently very well behaved. I love the photos of them.