Sunday, September 19, 2010

Success Story: Dakota from Wimauma

When our beloved basenji mix Suede passed away in April this year, I was heart broken. In 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time I had two wishes, one was that I could quit my job and adopt a dog. Both those wishes were granted by my husband Fred. During chemo, I fell asleep and had a dream about a dog with a curly tail. When I woke up, I Googled "dog with a curly tail" and then I started learning about the basenji breed. I contacted a breeder in North Carolina, Sheila Judd, who no longer bred basenjis but had three adult dogs up for adoption. She sent me a picture of Suede and I jumped on a plane and flew down to meet her. Suede was a stray that had been with Sheila for about four years, and after passing the adoption interview she was ours.

Although she had never previously walked on a leash or rode in a car, Suede caught on quickly. In 2005 we rescued a pit bull puppy, Malibu (Boo for short) from a guy that was selling a bunch of them from the trunk of his car. We initially thought Boo wouldn't survive, but she did. Suede was like a mom to Boo and they were inseparable.

When Suede died, Boo became very lethargic. I always visited the Basenji Rescue site because of all the information it had about basenjis. If I decided to adopt another dog, it would definitely be a basenji. When I saw the plight of the Wimauma pups, my heart broke and I applied for a pup. Mary, a New Jersey volunteer, came over and did our house inspection and also met with Fred and Boo. Then I spoke with Deb Johnson and Pam Hamilton about adopting a pup, and the next thing I knew was flying down to Florida to pick up Dakota.

Pam and Deb felt that Dakota, aka Wotr, would be a good fit for Boo since he was one of the larger basenji pups. Wow, were they ever right! He and Boo are the perfect match:  the basenji and the pit bull. Fred and I enjoy watching them play and run around. Also, Dakota is great with our two cats, Shelby and Meow. He graduated from his crate last month, August and has full run of the house with Boo when we're not home. Thankfully, we're been very blessed with pets that aren't destructive and are potty trained. Although I have to say that we start our day at 5:30 am, so that they're pooped out by 8:45 am when I need to go to work! On August 24th Dakota turned 6 months old, and at 28 pounds, 17 inches tall, and 17 inches long, he's a big boy!

Along with Deb and Mary, I truly want to thank Pam for all her hard work with the Wimauma pups and the adult basenjis. I spent a day with her and admire all her dedication and hard work. Her hard work help make Dakota a very well adjusted and social pup.

Cindy Mesko

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  1. Ah Cindy, bless you for adopting. I also have one of the rescue, Cara. She is also a big girl.. a bit over 27 pounds at 7 mos.