Monday, March 22, 2010

Harriet's way Home

Today, Harriet begins living the dream! This afternoon, Harriet our foster basenji, embarked on an 1,100 mile journey, whisking her off to her new “forever home.” For every dog that comes into rescue, the dream is the same: to get to this day where a happy new life begins in a place where she can unpack her bags and stay forever. Her foster life is complete - Harriet’s heart has been opened wide to love and the perfect forever home for her is selected - two time zones away!

So, off across the country she goes. Harriet is traveling to Pennsylvania by way of the Basenji Underground Railroad. Seven BRAT volunteers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are lined up ready to drive the 11 legs of the trip over 3 days to escort this little rescue dog into her future! What a thing! Each of the drivers has a copy of a schedule that includes the route, transfer locations, a description of vehicles to make identification easier and the cell phone numbers of the other drivers. Harriet will be transferred from driver to driver as she makes her way across five states. Finally, a thousand miles later, she will meet her adopter, Bill, and they will travel the last 90 miles home together.

So, this afternoon the plan was set in motion. 1,100 miles away, Bill is waiting for Harriet, ready to welcome her home. I am kind of a wreck and not ready to say good-bye to her, but I am committed to this great thing for Harriet. She is relaxed and happy and excited to meet the first driver and jump in the car. Perhaps she understands that the last seven months have all been leading up to this great adventure, which of course they have. There will be plenty of transition later. But today, this was her day!

In her new life, Harriet will be part of a Quaker community. This excerpt from a Quaker prayer is for Harriet on her path home and the drivers she meets who help her along her way:

Illuminate the path
That will lead us home
And grant that we may be
A light to those we meet
Along the way.

~ Lindy Ireland


  1. Thats wonderful! I'm sure she can't wait to go to her forever home. =)

  2. I am so happy for Harriet! What a beautiful, sweet face. Be safe to all those helping Harriet on her way home.

  3. What a beautiful story. Harriet has been so fortunate to have had you as a foster parent. and now, she gets to find her new loving home. Hooray for the work you do. Jeanette