Friday, February 26, 2010

The New Olympic Sport

I would like to submit a new sport for consideration to the International Olympic Committee: Basenji Sleeping.

Like swimming, it would have different events. Below, I am showing some of the events and techniques. Feel free to add your own events and scores!

Here we have the classic "paws-over-face" technique. Please note the adorable curvature of the top paw over the snout. This move does contain a complexity variation that bumps Denny's score from 8.6 to 9.0 on the 10.0 scale - which is the forward swing of the legs. The "paws-over-face" technique is most commonly performed with the legs outstretched. However, this demonstrates a high degree of flexibility and requires cute toes.

Next, we have the "sleeping-against-object" category, and here, Denny demonstrates the ability to not only hog in on the computer (which is regarded as an evil obstacle to Mama's lap and must be stepped on), but the ability to sleep with head twisted. Additional points are given in this event for being upside down, draped over an object (similar to the balance beam event in gymnastics), and the ability to drive warmth from electronics.

This is a classic endurance event: "sleeping while sitting up." Points are solely awarded on how long the pup can go without drooping the head, snoring or snarfling themselves awake.

This event is focused on the mouth and nose of the Basenji. Points are awards for tongues, teeth and snoring. Tongues must be cute, pink and hanging out. If the pup is being judged by teeth, the teeth should be showing - both fangs and little teeth for additional cuteness. Snoring is judged by how long and how loud.

Another classic endurance event: "The Donut." The pup will curl up in either donut/cinnamon bun/jelly roll position and commence sleeping until event is called for food and walk.

Next week, on the wonderful wide world of Basenji sports, long distance pooping, food scarfing sprints and speed disdaining.



    What about something with rearranging the nest in prep for sleep?

  2. I think Denny deserves Gold for Sleeping against Object and Showing Teeth! Great pics. I had to laugh a few years ago when a long-time breeder chastised some on the basenji pix-list for posting pics of sleeping dogs - as in "if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all". NOT!!!

  3. Oh, I love these pictures and your blog about Basenjis.

  4. Oooh, are you going to cover the Synchronized, I mean the Synchronized Potty event next week, too?

  5. What a hoot. Denny definately gets the gold for the sleeping against object. Phoenix would like to add a category - The chin draped over anything soft competition. (pics will be displayed in my March 12th blog "The Good Life"

  6. How about ...
    1. The Snark Cross: loudest snark upon being woken
    2. The Sleeper: longest pseudo-sleep to avoid going out in inclement weather
    3. The Stretch: longest limb expansion/greater surface area coverage while sleeping
    4. Curling: a variation on the donut for smallest space taken up while sleeping in a circle

  7. Check out the new poll for March (at the bottom of the blog homepage) to vote on which "Basenji Sleeping" Olympic sport your dog would take home the gold!