Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clean & Green

Tired of high energy costs? Want an eco-friendly way to keep your home clean without wasting water and spending money on harsh cleansers?

Now there's Senji-Clean !

We've taken ancient African cleansing power and combined it with the latest technology to bring you the world's first eco-friendly dishwashing system.

Does this ever happen to you? Greasy, eggy, cheesy plate. Guests will be arriving soon - what to do?

Don't worry! The Senji-Clean team is always ready for action!

Simply take that dirty plate and place it on the Senji-Clean Action Mat to start the cleansing process. Senji-Clean uses Senji-Jet Technology to remove every trace of baked-on, greasy food in seconds!

Leaving you with dishes that sparkle like new!

Clean and dry, and ready to be placed back into the cupboard.

But wait! Senji-Clean is available in four different colors to match your decor. Say goodbye to high energy costs for good!

To get your own Senji-Clean Advanced Dishwashing System, visit The Basenji Rescue website and adopt your Basenji today!

Staci blogs at, and uses a Maytag dishwasher (and detergent!) to wash her dishes.


    The FUNNIEST post EVER!!! :D

  2. I have to use my Senji-Clean Advanced Dishwashing System when nobody else is here. Some guests, believe it or not, take a rather dim view of the idea. (What? You want anti-microbial, too? LOL!)


  3. You told me this would happen -- but I had to laugh when, wile eating breakfast this morning I heard a couple of dishes clink together and turned around just in time to see curly tails hightailing it away from our open dishwasher..;-)

  4. We have been using the system for over 30 years, however we find that Mother -in Law and non dog friends take a dim view of the system.

  5. I use Senji-Clean for the prewash cycle only as others in the household don't have a full appreciation for the effectiveness.

  6. You should be in marketing, this is way too funny. I use the senji-clean as well haha.

  7. Mini is too busy licking up the water on the open dishwasher door to care about the plates. Poor little Fanconi girl. (please note that there is a fresh, full, filtered water bowl across from the dw.) I love it!

  8. I have a Senji-Clean system that won't shut off and starts before I put the dishes on the Senji-Clean mat. They start when I have to get up and answer the phone and there's still food on my plate. They try to clean pans when they are still on the stove top. Super effective, yes.

    Tonya Christiansen

  9. Tonya - yes, some defects have been found with the Senji-Clean system. I maybe should have put this in the sales pitch.

    1. The ancient African cleansers are so powerful that they do not always wait for the dish to be placed on the Senji-Clean Mat.

    2. Occasionally some components will take over more of the cleaning than others, which can cause a malfunction with the system.

    3. Some of our customers find that the use of a baby gate at the kitchen door helps to harness the powerful cleansers.

    4. This system is not effective for use with residue of onions, chocolate, grapes, or raisins; as this will cause a bigger mess than you had to begin with.

  10. The senji-clean works wonders on pots and pans too!

  11. Staci-

    I love the disclaimers too!

    Tonya Christiansen
    Grand Haven, MI

  12. Have you tried the "Tag-Team Senji-Scrub" Setting? It's great for baked-on Roast Pan drippings, but involves MANY laps around the kitchen and can be noisy if you forget to close the door to the basement stairs...