Friday, December 11, 2009


The final night of the rescue convention, Kenya was getting pretty snarky. As we were sitting up front, the dog communicator singled us out and told Kenya and Phoenix she would talk to them later. At first, Lloyd and I thought the whole "dog communicator" thing was wierd and hoaky. When i brought the kids over, she said some things that definately rang true about Phoenix. His being worried about Kenya being taken away made sense when we looked back at his behavior patterns when other people would come into the house or when we traveled with them. We still felt however, that being rescues, it could have been a "generic" thing to say. When the dog communicator told us that Kenya was annoyed and uncomfortable because she was itchy, we thought she might have seen her scratching. When she said that Kenya wanted a red bed and that would make her happy i thought the dog communicator thing was ridiculous. When we went back to the hotel we decided to do an experiment. Of course we didn't have a red bed but we had a red leash and martindale choke collar for Phoenix (as he is a red/white) and a black leash and martinadle choke collar for Kenya (as she i a tri). From day one when we got the leashes and collars, it was impossible to put the collar on Kenya when we would take them for a walk. It was a 10 minute ordeal with her running away everytime we tried to put it on her. Since the dog communicator said she wanted a red bed we decided to switch collars. Maybe the red collar would satisfy her desire for a red bed (yeah sure.....ha ha)
To our amazement, as soon as we showed the red collar to Kenya she sat and stayed and let us put it on her. Since that day, as long as we use the red collar we have not had any problems putting the collar on her.

When we got home from syracuse we decided to get new everday collars for the kids.
We got a batman collar to match Phoenix's batman ID tag and of course we had to get something Red for Kenya. We found a cute red collar with tootsie rolls on it. When we gave the collar to Phoenix he could care less. When we took out the red tootsie roll collar Kenya went beserk! She was dancing around lloyd, jumping up against him with joy and excitement like i've only seen from a dog when they think they are going to get a fantatistic treat. She calmly let us put the collar on her and then starting prancing around as if to say "look at me" i'm beautiful! It was hysterical.

(Kenya proudly sporting her "red tootsie roll" collar)


  1. Well, did you get her a red bed? Very interesting story!

  2. Not yet. Her partner in crime Phoenix kills the beds in a nano second. He still drags around the fluffless fabric from the last 2 beds. I leave old pillows from our bed on the floor that they lie on. I'm hoping I can find a bright red pillow cases at this time of year. If i can... it will be interesting how she reacts!