Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watch out for that Killer Plant!

Have you ever wondered why BRAT asks about toxic plants when we do home visits for potential basenji adopters? Just check out this list of Toxic Plants for Dogs! I never realized how many of my houseplants might be toxic for my two basenjis, until a friend sent me this list. I also never realized how many plants I have which I don't know names for :) Regardless, as I quickly scanned through the list of plants, I recognized at least 4 houseplants that I have easily within reach of the dogs, which are listed as potentially toxic to them. As soon as I went home, I easily swapped those plants with others on higher shelves.

In New Jersey, it's getting close to that time of year when I will need to start bringing my outdoor potted plants in for the winter, which will represent yet another hazard to the dogs as many common outdoor plants are on the toxic list. Also, soon it will be the holiday season and we'll be exchanging pretty red and white poinsettias to decorate our fireplaces.... but hold on a second, those are deadly toxic for dogs. So, what's a basenji mom to do? Throw out all the pretty plants? No way! I'm thinking of a beautiful red poinsettia mantel decoration this year :)

The moral of the story is that just like cats and dogs, you can easily find a way for your plants and your dogs to get along with just a little bit of knowledge and action. Now that I've used the list and checked for toxic plants in my home, I can rest assured that my home is safe(er) for my beloved furkids. Not that they have ever gotten into eating the plants before, but they are basenjis so I wouldn't put the idea past them!

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