Monday, November 9, 2009

Please Vote for BRAT!

BRAT is now part of a new Shelter Challenge called the "America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest," with a top prize of $25,000!

This contest is a short one because it's only 2 weeks long, and you can only vote ONCE. Participation is easy: Simply click on the above link to the site and search for your favorite rescue or shelter by zip code (it’s 75042) or city and state (Garland, TX) and cast your one-time-only vote. That’s it!

So far, after being in the contest for only a day and a half, BRAT is already #11 in the nation! However, we know we can do better than that, so please VOTE for BRAT before midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 16. It only takes a minute -- literally, 60 seconds -- and this year with BRAT's vet bills way up and the economy way down, this prize money is needed now more than ever before to continue rescuing basenjis. And, it's FREE! Please help us claim it.

PS -- We are also still participating in the Petfinder Shelter Challenge, and we are currently #3 in the nation! Help BRAT win the $20,000 top prize in the Petfinder shelter challenge by voting EVERY DAY until December 21st (Look for "basenji" in Texas). We truly appreciate your ongoing support with this one, and it's paying off, so keep it up!

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