Friday, November 13, 2009

More from Phoenix & Kenya

Hi Everyone, my name is Phoenix. Mom and dad say Kenya's is the charmer but I'm the real character. I'm also the worry wart. Mom's convinced that's why i have so many wrinkles on my forehead. Last week Kenya told you all about our new forever home and how great we thought things were till we went to the Rescue Convention. Thats when my wrinkles kicked in. Life was wonderful. I was having a blast running in the backyard, wrestling with Kenya, race tracking in the house and snuggling with mom (yeah...i'm a momma's boy). About a month after we moved in Mom had a friend come over to visit. Kenya went over to greet her with her usual breath smelling butt wiggling charmer routine. I hovered next to mom and wouldn't go near the visitor. Mom & Dad were surprised since when i'm alone with Mom and Dad, i'm the love muffin. I love to be held and petted. Kenya is more aloof...she wants it on her terms. Once the lady left i was back to my old self. A few weeks later i met the dog sitter. Same routine...Kenya charmed the pants off her. I hovered near mom and wouldn't let her touch me. Once she left i was back to my old self...grabbing toys out of the toy box and playing with Kenya. We were living with Mom and Dad about 2 months when they packed us up in the car. We went on a 3 1/2 hour trip to Albany NY. As soon as i went in the hotel room i got nervous and had an accident. I didn't like this was small and had all kinds of strange smells. I didn't understand why the long car ride and why were were here. Only 2 months ago we went thru this long car ride stuff. Anyway...we went for a walk then to sleep. When we woke up we ate, walked and went back in the crate in the car for another 2 1/2 hour drive. We checked into another hotel room then went for a walk in the woods. I liked the walk but when we came back mom and dad locked us in the crate and left. I was starting to feel uncomfortable and sad as to why we were here. Kenya and i curled up and went to sleep.

The next morning Mom and
Dad took us to this big room in another hotel with all these people and other B's. Having all these other dogs around reminded me of the puppy mill. I tried to be good. I laid in mom's lap or curled up on the floor. Kenya was pretty snarky. We stayed in this room for what seemed forever except for the pottie breaks in the pouring rain. I tried to be good but by the time the evening came around i was tired, stressed and Kenya was really irritable and looking to pick a fight which she did.

Our little snarkfest caught the attention of the dog communicator who singled us out and said she would get to us later. We huffed and puffed and unwillingly settled down. Afterwards, Mom and Dad took us over to the dog communicator. They didn't tell her anything about us except our names but she had us nailed. She told mom that i was really worried that Kenya and I would be separated. That someone would take her away from me. She was right, thats why i would get so upset when people would visit and Kenya would get all friendly with them. She told mom and dad that kenya was uncomfortable and angry because she was so itchy (not sure how she knew as Kenya wasn't scratching at all at the convention) and that she wanted a RED BED. (which mom and dad thought was a really wierd thing for the dog communicator to say)

Anyway, the next day before we got in the car for another long ride we and went to the dog park. There were 2 fenced in areas one for large and small dogs. We went in the empty small dog area. Mom thought it would cheer me up to be able to run around and play but all i did was sit there and hover near mom every where she went. Being in a fenced in area and seing other dogs fenced in made me uncomfortable. I was afraid she was going to leave me there. I was so relieved when we got back in the car. For 2 weeks after we got home i would lie around on the couch near mom and wouldn't play with my toys or go outside to play. In July Mom and Dad took us on 2 more road trips to visit family in NY. They took us on long walks in the woods (which was fun). Each time we came back to our home in New Hampshire. A few times they had a nice lady stay with us. Again they came back. I finally started to realize that when we went on a long car ride or when mom and dad went away they always came back and we were all together and that things would be OK. As for Kenya after the dog communicator made the "wierd" red bed comment Dad tried something and Kenya's snarky personality changed for the better. Mom will tell you more about the "RED BED" next time! Happy Baroos.....

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