Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Basenji on Vacay Part 2

Last time, I told you about my basenji, Kip, and the funny habits he adopted on our drive to Michigan. This time, I'm going to tell you about Kip's extreme hate of the cottage we stayed in and his extreme love of Mackinac Island.

When we first arrived at the cottage, Kip seemed fine with it. He sniffed around everywhere and explored every corner. Then, after a while, he started to get mad/annoyed/or something. He was always trying to escape and was super happy whenever he was outside or anyplace but there. Then, at night, he would not go to sleep immediately like he does at home. He would jump up onto the bed (which had to be at least 3 feet off the ground, we still don't know how he did it) and scratch at the sheets or at my dad's back. He would also bat and claw at my dad's face and jump on him. Kip must've been really angry.

But when we decided to do the 2hour drive and ferry trip to Mackinac Island, Kip was so excited to go. As soon as we arrived at the ferry port, he launched himself out of the car and did his signature "bulldog walk" (where he bends down really low and pulls with all his might. If you stand in front of him, he looks just like a bulldog) all the way to the ticket booth. Then, when the ferry pulled up, we climbed to the top level because we thought that Kip wouldn't be as crazy up high as he would be on one of the lower levels where more people were. I have to admit, this choice had me freaked. It combined my 4 major fears: water, boats, height, and loud noises into one long 15 minute ride. When the ferry started to move, it blared this super loud horn, which just happened to be located 5 feet in front of us. It sounded like someone was exploding fireworks in your eardrum. Of course, I yelped, but I'm sure that Kip was even more scared. Dogs hear things 4 times as loud as people do, you know. When we finally reached Mackinac Island, I was so relieved. We left the ferry and immediately fell in love. There, right in front of us was this... amazing place. No cars, only bikes and horse drawn carriages. Everybody was so very nice and they also knew something very strange: what breed of dog Kip is. Back at home, nobody knows what the heck he is. "Oh it's a chihuahua!" "Aww lookit, a shiba inu!" But here, everyone seemed to know what a basenji was and everybody seemed to have one or knew someone who did. It was definitely a dog friendly town. Kip loved all the attention he got from people. He was allowed in every store. When we were going to eat lunch, my mom ordered Kip a burger, but the people gave him three and brought him some water as well. Kip loved sniffing around everything, especially the horse poop scattered across the roads. He LOVES horses. They are his favorite animal. When we were exploring the town and a carriage passed by, he would just stare in awe and excited-ness at the "big dogs". When it became time for him to ride in one himself, he was so happy. He peered over the edge and watched everyone go by. It was so fun, the carriage ride. Our tour guide was so hilarious and had everyone in stitches. When we had to go back on the ferry, you could tell he was kind of sad. He wanted to stay there forever! And hopefully, next year, we'll go back. And we'll relive Kip's car madness, his cottage hated-ness, and his Mackinac love-ness. :)

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