Friday, October 9, 2009

From Puppy Mill to Forever Home Part 1

Hi Basenji friends. My name is Kenya. (a.k.a little girl, sarah and bakemia) I’m the small, but feisty and yes…adorable Tri.

My new life began when the wonderful people from BRAT rescued my partner in crime Phoenix (a.k.a. little boy, dave and bokota) and I from a puppy mill in Nashville. It was confusing at first. We stayed in Chattanooga 2 days, Atlanta a month, then back to Chattanooga for a night, then on a very long trip that included stops in Richmond VA, NY and finally New Hampshire. It was worth it. Our forever home in New Hampshire is like a dream come true! (although Mom says we may feel differently when we see snow).

Mom and Dad started feeding us a yummy food that helped us put on weight (i wasn't to bad but Phoenix was so thin his ribs showed). It also helped our course dry coats become soft so we weren't so itchy and miserable. I have some issues that concerned my new parents but they are helping me work thru them. I would scream like a banshee if they touched my ears, fall on the floor playing dead and squiggling around if they tried to pick me up and get startled and snap when they would reach over or above me. I'm getting better but still have some things to work thru.

Anyway, back to my forever home. We get to sleep and snuggle in the big bed with Mom and Dad, lounge on the sofa and watch TV, take long hikes in the woods, get treats and toys (which Phoenix steals from me). At first Phoenix was really excited about the doggie door and fenced in yard. He could go outside whenever he wanted and run around like a maniac. I wasn't so thrilled as I was the object he chased! Being much smaller, no matter how hard i tried to escape he would catch me. Then I saw the ramp off the back of the garage...the perfect refuge! I would squeeze under it so he couldn't get me. It didn't work as well as I hoped so I decided to improve it by digging as frantically as possible to get away. This became a daily routine. Phoenix would chase me and i would make a bee-line to the ramp, each time digging harder and faster so I could be safe in my hole. Mom and Dad were moritifed. Apparently in 1 week I had dug a hole that was 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep, not to mention the smaller hole that apparently goes to China!

When we were done outside we'd relax to recharge then start the B500 inside. We soon found out the wood floors were like an ice skating rink and we were crashing into walls and furniture. We made the round area rug our wrestling mat everyday. We'd have a blast wrestling on the mat and mom and dad would laugh at how funny it was that we could play in this one little spot without touching the wood floors.

We were really starting to feel at home until we had a set back after attending the basenji rescue conference in Syracuse...... To be continued in our November Blog

Happy Baroooos Kenya & Phoenix

PS...we want to thank BRAT for including Dad's business FotoSweets on the Donate to BRAT
link. We are excited that FotoSweets will be sending BRAT its first commission check. Remember, every dollar helps save B's like us!


  1. Great story, love the picture of the hole !!!
    Anna Costa SLC, UT

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