Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Basenji on Vacay Part 1

This past September, my family and I went to Michigan on vacation. And of course, we brought our basenji, Kipper, with. We decided to drive. It is very fun to drive places with Kipper because he is funny and crazy and weird. This is how it usually goes: First, he will look out the window when we are leaving our house. Then, he sleeps for awhile. And WHENEVER we make a turn or stop at a red light, he gets up, thinking that he's missing something. Once he's up, he'll wrap himself around the stand of this little table we have in the car (we have him on a leash which is attached to a seat, serving as a seat belt) and Mom and I will try to get him to take JUST ONE step back so we can untangle the leash. But he will NOT move. Mom will stretch all the way from the front passenger seat to the back (where Kip is) and try to push him back while I try to unhook the leash. But it is tangled too tight, so there is not enough slack for it to unhook. Kip STILL does not understand that if he would just MOVE, everything would be over with. He just stands there, confused. Finally, we get him to move and we undo the leash so he's not tangled up anymore. Bad idea. Kipper decides that HE wants to drive and runs to the front of the car. And he will stop for nothing to get onto Dad's lap. Then Mom'll get annoyed and put Kip on her lap, which she does NOT want to do. He will finally fall asleep in her lap or on the floor by her feet. And then we go to Burger King and it starts all over again. Kip is really funny when we go through a drive thru. He runs back to his seat in the back, and as soon as Dad rolls down the window to order, Kip is practically out that window. He squeezes in between the seat and is so excited that he needs to get a better view. We have to make sure that we hold onto him tight so that he doesn't propel himself out the window. He does the same thing when we get our food. After we get our food, Dad will park to take Kip out so that Kip can go to the bathroom. Kip will not wait for Dad to grab his leash. Oh no, Kipper's already out the door barely before Dad can get a hold of his leash. Kip gets so freaked out and needs to get out there AS FAST AS HE CAN. It's CRAZY. HE'S crazy. After he does his business, he'll jump back into the car, and this whole story starts over again.

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  1. Sounds like my Basenji mix. She'll sleep soundly in the car as long as we are on a highway but whenever we stop, she's up wondering if we are there yet. It makes for some interesting CA rush hour traffic stories.