Monday, September 7, 2009

Tigger, the foster basenji

I spent the weekend in Lexington, Kentucky at the Basenji Club of America National Specialty Dog Show.

It was a great experience and Kathy and I got to visit with lots of old friends and make some new ones.

We live in Chattanooga, TN so drove up to Lexington via Interstate 75 through Knoxville and London, KY.

Thanks to the miracle of the iPhone, I received a message on Friday that there was a six month old brindle basenji girl who needed rescue. Coincidently, she was at a boarding kennel less than five miles off I-75 near Jacksboro, Tennessee.

We made arrangements with the kennel owner to pick up this girl on our way back home on Sunday.

“Tigger” is a little sweetheart. She sat on Kathy’s lap during the two hour trip back to Chattanooga.

When she got into our house, she was afraid to go inside. But, we lured her in with treats and she became more comfortable. We could see her begin to blossom right before our eyes. Right now, she is sleeping in a crate next to my computer. She’s had a long day and is very tired.

Tigger will be vetted and spayed this week. Soon she will be ready for her forever home.

Fostering is very rewarding. To learn more about the BRAT foster program, click here.

To join BRAT as a basenji rescue volunteer, click here for our volunteer form.

And to apply to adopt a basenji like Tigger, click here for our adoption application.

I would like to issue a special thank you to all BRAT foster homes. We would not be able to rescue 300 basenjis a year without their dedication.

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  1. Day three with Tigger. She is the sweetest little thing. When we get home, she is ecstatic to see us. We are still working on integrating her with Arrow, our 10 year old basenji boy. He tried to bite off her head on Sunday but we have been walking them together and hope to have them as one pack soon. Funny story: We told our dog sitter to come buy and walk Tigger (she was kept in the sun room while Arrow was in the bedroom). He said that she was very afraid of him and wouldn't get anywhere near him--even when he tried to bribe her with treats. Opps--we should have had him come over first for introductions. Spay surgery is Thursday.