Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nurse Ellie and Doctor Taj

I’m sick. I truly don’t get sick often but when I do it’s a humdinger. Fortunately, I have my own dedicated medical crew in 13.5 year old Ellie and 6.5 year old Taj, and they have been taking good care of me for a long time.

Ellie is definitely the aid, comfort, and moral support member of the pair. She doesn’t care that it’s 106 F outside, that our air conditioning is not working and that I’m running a temperature of 102 F – she has been cuddled as close as she can possibly get to me at almost all times since I first realized I was getting sick Thursday night. I remember several years back when I had surgery and first came home from the hospital. I lay down on the bed with Ellie at my side, put my hand against her warm and comforting belly, and she wrapped her body around my hand as if she were holding it.

Taj is a comfort too, but he definitely shows more interest in the clinical signs of my illness. When I cough that bone-wrenching, chest-twisting cough, Taj is there, sniffing at my mouth so I will open up for him to peer down my throat to see if anything was escaping from there. He checks my ears, cleans them briskly, gives a few licks to my forehead, and then waits to investigate my next signs of discomfort.

I hate being sick, but I sure love my in-home medical care team.

Linda S. Krajewski
Redlands, CA


  1. Glad you have a devoted medical support team. Get well soon, Linda!

  2. Feel better soon :) Anna Costa, SLC, UT

  3. Is it flu? Yuk. Have those doggies step up the care! I'm sure you're in good hands!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes. Ellie and Taj are not only great medicine for a flu-ridden human, they have been foster siblings to numerous BRATs over the past four years or so.

  5. I think I've got the same thing you do... horrid rasping cough, chills, fever and all the rest. Thankfully I have my own two fur nurses, Reno and Kayley are very attentive. Hopefully we're both well soon.