Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Mia!

Many of you loved the adorable pictures of Mia that were posted yesterday, so her owner, Paul Gehring, has graciously given us some more! Here's some more basenji fun with Mia:

Mia at top speed! Crest Lake dog Park in Clearwater

We caught her tearing up our bed spread. Her look when I snapped this picture with my zoom lens was PRICELESS!

More blankets to tear up!

I want to play, but this warm sun is soooooo soothing!

A little dress up with Mia!

Mia trying to get Mom off the phone. I swear she's a toddler trapped in a dog's body.

Mia and I at Crest Lake dog park

Pleeeeeease daddy! Can I have some?

Is Mommy home?

I swear I didn't do it!


  1. She looks like a BIG b-girl and is so photogenic

  2. Those are all great photos and familiar poses that my basenji girl does every day.