Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life With Basenjis and a Schipperke

Jazzie, Dixie & Flippie



Jazzie & Dixie

When you live with several dogs, the phrase "never a dull moment" takes on profound meaning. Especially with the breeds I have unwittingly chosen. Oh sure, they look innocent enough. But I never know what to expect when I enter a room or come home.

Dixie cleans the crumbs off the table after dinner.

I was done with that magazine anyway...

We now have a doggie door. Thanks, Jazzie!

And I thought I had outsmarted them, putting the stools against the wall.
They weren't going to get up on the counter while I went to the store!

This is a small sampling of what life is like at my house. Thankfully, these are not every day occurrences.

Jazzie is the ringleader; sleeping with one eye open and waiting for someone to make a lapse in judgement. The others willingly follow along. Jazzie is the reason we have baby locks on the kitchen cabinets and drawers.
Flippie is the huntress supreme, keeping us free of chipmunks and snakes. She is also the best watchdog, sounding her alarm at the least little noise. Perhaps she is compensating for the "barkless" ones in the house.
Dixie, my first "failed" foster, really isn't very destructive. She will steal a napkin left too close to the edge of the table or raid the trash, if given the opportunity.
Benny, my second "failed" foster does his own thing. He's not overly destructive either. But he's right there when a "party" is going on and trash-snacks to be shared.

Yes, my dogs drive me crazy sometimes. So do my kids! But I love them nonetheless.

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