Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While this isn't really BRAT news, per se, it is about basenjis so I thought I would share this story + cute pics with you. Earlier this year I got in contact with a woman who owns the sister to my non-BRAT basenji Calvin. I learned that she was also involved with BRAT and would be attending the convention along with Calvin's sister Versace. While I was planning on going to the convention anyway knowing that Calvin would have a little family reunion was an extra incentive to go.

I wondered if they would recognize each other and if so what kind of a greeting they would have. My Calvin is a silly prankster so I figured he would probably nip Miss Versace, or play slap her, or pull her tail. And when they met? Absolutely nothing. But, nothing to a basenji meant clearly something. Versace was the only dog there that Calvin didn't antagonize and Calvin was the only dog who Versace didn't get snarky with. They had a peaceful and calm acceptance of each other (which was a surprise as Calvin is never peaceful or calm about anything!). It is moments like these that I wish I could know what was going on in that little dog brain + little dog heart. But I do think he was glad to be with his sis. :)

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