Sunday, August 30, 2009

It’s a Small World...when it comes to basenjis

I live in Georgia about 25 miles north of Atlanta. I was visiting New York this weekend with my son and everywhere we went we saw dog owners walking their dogs (and sometimes dogs walking their owners). I was trying to imagine my BRAT, Fenway, living in this great big city. And I’ll have to admit I was missing him quite a bit.

Then walking through Central Park looking for the Alice in Wonderland sculpture near the Conservatory Water what should I see but a handsome red and white basenji just like my Fenway. And he was pulling on his leash, just like Fenway was the very first time I saw him. Of course I had to speak to the owner because I rarely see another basenji. And I learned that, like Fenway, her dog, Dude, was a BRAT!!! Our dogs are almost the same age, approaching five years old, and we adopted from BRAT at roughly the same time, when they were each around the age of two.

Of course we swapped stories about living with a basenji (hers is less destructive than mine, but he once gave her quite a scare when he climbed out of the dog run to chase a squirrel), then we went our respective ways. But I can’t help thinking what a small world it is. And how seeing Dude for that brief amount of time was just what I needed to tide me over until I can get home tomorrow and see my Fen!

Cheryl Grier

Proud owner of Fenway, BRAT rescue, January, 2007


  1. The Dude is the top photo and Fenway is just below him.

  2. When the weather is nice, I take my pack for walks around DC for an hour or so. We often walk over to the White House and surrounding area, and I can't tell you how many times I've ran into people who tell me about their own Basenji back home, or of their past companion that was a Basenji. And now and then as I drive around town I'll see someone out with their Basenji. It's always a pleasant surprise.