Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let the dogs out, let the dog in...

It's a beautiful day in southern Maryland and I suspect we will soon be playing the game of "let the dogs out, let the dogs in" ad nausea. Besides the four dogs we own, three Basenjis and one Mini Dachshund, the kids and I currently care for four foster babies. Trying to get eight dogs out all at the same time, on a regular basis, is an effort in futility! UNLESS there is something really interesting going on in the backyard. And even then it's a "roll of the dice."

When my kids were young, I spent sleepless nights trying to figure out ways to outsmart them. Now I do that with my pack o'Basenjis.

I have tried various methods in trying to get them out all at the same time, but for the most part they have already figured out my game.

There was the "throw the handful of treats on the back deck" trick, take an interesting object (toy, shoe, my daughter), get their attention, open the door, and toss it out trick, and I even tried running out the door in an excited fashion trying to get them to follow me trick. Does any of this work? Nope and what makes it worse is the one or two hold-outs standing in the open door sneering at me. Thankfully, unlike my children, Basenjis can't talk otherwise I swear I would probably have to wash their mouths out with soap.

Most of you are probably thinking "What's the big deal about getting them out at the same time." Well let me explain it. I have a 2-story family room and my office is in the loft that overlooks the family room. This means when I let the dogs out, I have to walk from my loft office, through the upstairs hallway, down the stairs, through the foyer and hallway, into the kitchen, then family room in order to reach the sliding glass door to let whoever out. If I can't get them out at the same time, I find that I am making this trip many, many times during the day. AND as soon as I finally get those last two or so out and return to my office, within a couple of minutes I have at least one scratching at the door BEGGING to come back in as if their life will end if I leave them outside.

I'm not into conspiracy theory (okay, maybe a little bit), but I swear they all get together and plot how to drive me crazy.

Kizzi "I'll go out now with Muriel, but Madigan and Quinn, you wait a good five minutes or until she is back upstairs."

Kalimba "Sounds like a good plan, but how about if I go out first and then when I want to come back in, then you can demand to go out."

Peyton "HaHa, I'm a puppy so I'm just going to refuse to out by myself and make her spend all her time out there with me!"

Suzie "I haven't had a treat for at least five minutes so I'm going to force her to do that throw the handful of treats on the back deck trick."

Oscar "I'm the wiener and I'll wait till she is back upstairs before I start barking. You all know how much she hates my barking so we'll get her back down here!"

Yep, it's a beautiful day in southern Maryland and who knows, maybe today will be THE day I get their cooperation. But I'm not going to hold my breath because after all they ARE Basenjis!


  1. I was wondering who "Peyton" was--until I got your email later that you had renamed "Bob." Four fosters? Wow, you're amazing, Barb.

    Mike Swan

  2. Hmmm. Is there such a thing as an automatic sliding door opener? ;)

  3. Doggie door panel insert for sliding glass doors! I got mine for around $60 at Home Depot.