Monday, July 27, 2009

Bes and Sati's little problem....

We are writing this letter to regretfully inform you that we are having a problem in our new home and we would appreciate your immediate intervention in the matter. When we first came to this new family we were quite happy, despite there being a large, yellow, hairy dog already in residence. He turned out to not be so bad and we rather liked him. This new home was quite comfortable, there is always a patch of sunshine somewhere to lie in, and when it’s cold there are lovely fireplaces to warm in front of. The humans share our bed with us and that works out very nicely because they always move out of the way when they are taking up too much room!

There is almost always some human here to let us in and out a million times a day and to cuddle with us on the couch and if one of the resident humans isn’t here the “grandma” comes over and takes us for a walk and pays attention to us. So as you can see this has been an ideal place for us until recently.

Find out why things have changed for Bes and Sati by clicking here.

1 comment:

  1. What a great story. I followed Bes and Sati and came close to asking to foster them. It's probably good that I didn't since probably would not have had your will power to resist their requests for more treats. I've managed to resist it with one basenji princess in the house, but two would probably weaken me to the point they would always get their way.