Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tiegan and Miles Hunt Easter Eggs

While we’re still enjoying spring weather, I’ll report on Tiegan and Miles’ Easter egg hunt. We have a great back yard for Basenji playtime, and wonderful trees that produce oxygen and provide lots of shade that makes our porch and back yard so much cooler in the summer. However, grass does not thrive in all that shade so this area is follicularly challenged in regards to grass type foliage. We aren’t dedicated lawn aficionados, so this doesn’t particularly alarm us. However, rain transforms this naked expanse of dirt into mud, and that, my friends, is a bit of a challenge. Miles does not like having his feet wiped, so we resort to a variety of methods, some of which work better than others. One of the more effective methods involves wiping Tiegan’s dainty feet first, with a running commentary along the lines of “See, Tiegan’s feet need to be wiped and she’s being a very good girl. She gets a treat when we wipe her feet.”

All that as a segue into photos of our little darlings hunting Easter eggs in their back yard, running from egg to egg across a lawn that looks like the top of the Jolly Green Giant’s head if he were going bald.
The Easter eggs are scattered in twos because Tiegan and Miles are like small children, running together to this group of eggs then that group of eggs. No matter that there are eggs all over, they race together to every spot, sure they will miss something crucial if they don’t. Then they each grab their eggs and trot off to separate spots to open the plastic egg and retrieve the treat within. They have so much fun we might also have a Fourth of July hunt and maybe a Labor Day hunt as well.



  1. That is amazing! Those two are such good babies!

  2. Thank you. As completely unbiased parents, we do think they are rather wonderful.