Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on PeeWee

I happened to find myself on your page again and wanted to update you on PeeWee. He is a 1/2 Basenji and 1/2 perhaps Jack Russell we adopted from the Virginia Beach Animal Control in July of 2007. Your group helped us with several issues including leash walking, biting, food and more. While he still has problems with barking and dog aggression, he is still progressing and is an absolute delight to have around. I wanted to share these pictures of how well he follows the "No dogs on the couch" rule. In the one where he is covered by the blanket with his head on the pillow, he did it all by himself - no one was home to tuck him in.

Thank you again,
Susan Wenzel (and PeeWee)


  1. Aww, so sweet. I have a mix that looks just like PeeWee and she is a wonderful dog too.

  2. I have a basenji/jack russell mix as well. She looks like she could be PeeWee's twin. She doesn't obey the "not on the couch" rule either. We love her and she is the most wonderful, sweet girl! So glad we found her!

  3. I recently rescued a basenji/jack russell mix. He is about a year old and very energetic (of course). He is very trainable, goes outside to potty and sits. But, the nipping and biting. With me, I just have to say 'No Bite' and he stops, but not with others. And, there are always children in and out of my house, as I tutor regularly.
    I do not wish to give him up, but, I cannot take any chances.

    1. S. Fla -- I just posted this question up on the BRAT Facebook page, at to get some advice from the group. The folks on there are all basenji lovers and many have experience with this sort of thing, so check back both here and on the Facebook page to see if anyone shares some good tips!