Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Greetings from Tiegan & Miles


It’s difficult to believe we just celebrated our Miles Puppy’s fourth birthday. He is usually full of tail wags and happy greetings for anyone who visits. He knows they stopped by just to see him. We are still working on a greeting that does not involve jumping on guests. We give the guests treats and instruct them to ask him to sit. His bottom promptly touches down in a smart sit, but as soon as the treats are gone it can be difficult for him to keep all four feet on the floor. This is a work in progress, as are numerous things at our house. He really does try to be good.

Tiegan is such a joy in so many ways. At her bi-weekly pedi (nails dremeled) the groomer announces my princess was perfect and even held up each dainty white foot for him. Her pedi takes just a few minutes, and then he carries her back to me so I can also tell her how amazing, beautiful, and perfect she is. Our Princess of Sunshine and Magic will be four on December 19. It seems just a few days ago that we brought home our tiny brindle 16-month-old treasure. She and Miles make our home joyful and vibrant.

They are, naturally, on Santa’s Wonderful list. Their stockings are hung from the ceiling with care, and a couple of their new cave beds are in front of the fireplace. (We have a standing order for cave bed covers as Miles, although fond of snuggling inside the big suede pita beds, is determined they must be customized in an artistic but highly impractical manner.)

Sending warm wishes for the happiest of holidays from Tiegan, Miles & their people.