Monday, October 12, 2009

Update on Tyco, the Las Vegas puppy

Many BRAT volunteers have asked about the Las Vegas puppy who was surrendered to a vet because he needed life-saving surgery. Below is an update from his foster mom, Michele. She is calling him by his original name since he was only called Azi for one week by the family who surrendered him to the vet. His vet bills to date (incurred by BRAT) have topped $1100. If you wish to donate to help cover this extraordinary expense please send checks to Debbi Johnson, BRAT's treasurer, at 7255 Jermyn Cove, Germantown, TN, 38138 or click on this link to donate thru Network for Good Thanks to all who have shown such sincere concern for his welfare!
~ Liz Newton ~

Update on Tyco:

The youngster is doing well. He has a huge appetite and is starting to act Basenji silly. His is still growling a bit, and it may be because he is in the crate and has no idea what is going on, but I will have to see in about 10 days. If Tyco and Tonka (my younger Aussie) get along well, then I will let them play. I will keep you posted. This morning was the first time he has had a solid poop! Yay! His incision is doing fantastic and his dew claw issue is healing nicely, as well. He is a sweet dog, it seems, but he is intact and is trying to boss around my old Aussie. He has a huge appetite now and is off the pain meds.

(We just added one of Tyco's puppy pictures--before he was hospitalized).

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  1. Original post from October 8th: "BRAT helped save a little basenji pup's life last night when I checked email one last time before going to bed. A 6 month old pup at an animal hospital in Las Vegas was going to be PTS without a benefactor to pay for the surgery to resolve his bowel obstruction. His owners were forced by lack of adequate money to release him to the vet. They had bought him from a breeder via the internet only one week ago. Unfortunately, like many uninformed puppy buyers, they did not know better than to line his crate with a towel. He is still alive today because the vet wrote to BRAT and we were able to help. Liz Newton."